“Beating” Cancer

I really get annoyed when I hear someone say they “beat” cancer. (I am looking at you Lance Armstrong). While I fully appreciate the physical and emotional strength it takes to deal with cancer, saying you “beat” it is a tremendous disservice to those who have lost their lives to this disease.

I assure you, they tried their hardest to overcome this nightmare and gave everything they had to give. Sadly, they had no chance to beat it. Don’t mitigate their valiant efforts because you were fortunate enough to have a different ending to your story. (Still looking at you Lance). But for the grace of God, all those that “beat” cancer might have just as easily perished.

It is not a sporting contest nor a test of wills. Believe me,  I hope that everyone with cancer gets an opportunity to say they survived it. But for those that don’t, they deserve every ounce of our respect for their equal level of courage and determination. They didn’t “lose”. Not then, not now, not ever.


2 Responses to “Beating” Cancer

  1. Wife says:

    couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Let the Lesbians have their circle, the bond and understanding of the existence! let the wind blow, the sea waves come in, I’m turning to the sunset and letting them dance and kiss the moon, the lust of a heartbeat is not mine to control, be free lesbian sisters i release you to yourselves as i join the angels for a night of dancing in the stars…..

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