Corn Hole?

A co-worker was telling me about a party she had over the weekend. She explained that they played “corn hole”.

For those of you that live anywhere other than Indiana (and possibly a few neighboring states), you are probably wondering a) why would anyone admit to this in public and b) isn’t it illegal in many states?

Not to worry. Corn hole is what the rest of the world would refer to as “bean bag toss”. A very innocuous game played by kids and adults everywhere. Unfortunately, in at least Indiana, they prefer to use a more provocative name.

So, if you are speaking to one of your Hoosier friends and they mention that they were “corn holing” over the weekend, no need to blush, start making disgusting jokes or call the police. Everything is fine. But you may want to encourage them to use another name to describe the game. Corn hole indeed.


One Response to Corn Hole?

  1. Classic says:

    To have your own corn hole set contact

    Join us on facebook or see pictures below.

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