Stop Annoying Me

I realize that Stop Annoying Me is not exactly an endearing welcome to anyone. So, to begin with, I apologize for anyone that is offended by the title. I suspect that it also sounds fairly egotistical and self serving. This is probably a more accurate description.

While I fully understand that most people that annoy me don’t actually realize they are doing so, it doesn’t change the reality of the situation. To be fair, I am sure I do the same for others. So, in my small contribution to world peace and the betterment of mankind, I thought I would just offer my opinions on these small items that tend to pop up on a regular basis.

Today, after watching the Sunday morning news shows, I have become increasingly annoyed with the term “flip flop”. I just don’t understand the problem with being a flip flopper. In politics, wouldn’t Clinton have been better off saying he DID have relations with that woman? If WMD’s were not really in Iran, wouldn’t we want a President that was man enough to flip flop on the subject?

I suppose I understand being against flip flop flippers. That would be the, “I’m against the war, I’m for the war, I’m really against the war” group. An easier way to describe such a person would be to call them a “liar”. 

But regular old flip floppers seem like a pretty smart group to me. When I was young, I had a bright green, polyester leisure suit. It was a pretty happening outfit back then. However, today, I have taken a flip flop position on leisure suits entirely and would not recommend them to anyone.

When you flip flop due to experience, maturity, common sense, advice or any other “see the light” avenue, I am not sure you should necessarily be criticized. I would hope that we all learn from our mistakes and grow to be better people. If that makes me a flip flopper, so be it. Now, if I could only find a politician that was man, or woman, enough to be a good flip flopper.


2 Responses to Stop Annoying Me

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I have a partial solution to the annoyance factor generated by prickly people. Every day, I allot one free pass to someone who annoys me. No matter what they do, no matter how asinine, they get a free pass. I still get to feel annoyed, but only during the next occurrence. Generally, this only happens once a day so it has been an effective strategy overall. Try it. I justify excusing them by thinking of what they may be going through that caused them to annoy the hell out of me: a divorce, marital discord, a crappy boss, salmonella, computer crashed, whatever. One free pass later and I feel relieved…

  2. Elizabeth says:

    And when I am at that red light with the green arrow sending me conflicting information, can you please give me my free pass?

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